The Patron

Eusebi greatly enjoyed wandering among the pavilions of the World Exhibition, admiring such display of human ingenuity in both the arts and the sciences with which participating nations competed for public attention.

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Unchained Exuberance

Twitter has recently announced that it is banning any ads related to cryptocurrencies, including those offering trading advice. Twitter follows Google which in turn follows Facebook, which banned ads promoting cryptocurrencies (including bitcoin, ethereum and ICOs) earlier this year from its platform. The virtual currency space is increasingly perceived as difficult to regulate from fraud and other scams.

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Thoughts on the 4YFN18

The fifth edition of the 4YFN is now over. It is, together with the South Summit, the largest innovation event in Spain. While the latter was born, as scrappy as the startups that now houses, in one of the tables of Instituto de Empresa’s Area 31, the 4 Years From Now (4FYN) had the privilege of growing at the foot of the most emblematic event in the telecommunications sector, the Mobile World Congress (MWC); a real blessing for Barcelona that has been transformed by its presence in a similar way to the effect of the 1992 Olympic Games, providing the city with one of the most mature innovation ecosystems in all of Europe. Continue reading “Thoughts on the 4YFN18”

Above All Else, Don’t be an Asshole

very important trait for an entrepreneur is braverypersistence in the face of adversity. A start-up runs wilder than an enraged bull and its founders must have very hard skin to withstand all the setbacks. Well, so we are told in all the self-help books out there; however what’s not being said, perhaps because it is presumed, is that it is even more important to have common sense. Controlling fear is courageous but not perceiving the danger is pathological recklessness. And if you decide to ignore clear signs that you are going astray … you will have to excuse me, but you are not an entrepreneur. You are an asshole.

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A Toast to the “Yoldsters”

Through Bridges Ventures we aspire to boost the Iberian entrepreneurial landscape by opening a path to Silicon Valley for local talent, without defeatist self-fulfilling prophecies or the adulation that Berlanga so well satirizes. Knowing them in detail I can assure you that Americans on average are neither smarter, more handsome or more innovative than us and that it’s all a matter of combining talent, capital and experience with the right opportunities. At Bridges we wholeheartedly believe that we can change the world together.

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The Dark Side of Liberalism

In my review of the masterful work of Antonio EscohotadoThe Enemies of Commerce” I charged quite hard against religion, nationalism, and communism, accusing them of using the best objectives of the human being to justify the worst means. I do not have any remorse but several people have asked me, politely. “What about Capitalism?” Well, it is fair that we dedicate a few lines to talk about the dark side of liberalism, and I do not see a better way to do it than through the ideas of a Nobel prize, well known for his ability to question the status quo.

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You Don’t Deserve Anything

Reid Hoffman provides us a very interesting perspective on diversification, investments and entrepreneurship. For those of you who do not know him, Reid is a co-founder of the LinkedIn professional network and co-author of the book “The Startup of You“. For those of you who do not know LinkedIn, I recommend that you do not waste your time with this article, go back to the cave in which you have been living and continue with your ascetic life. Happiness is too precious a commodity for reality to intrude. For the rest of the audience, I invite you to continue reading.

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